Long Hair, More Sex? New Study Explores Hair Length and Intimacy

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A new study from South Korea suggests that women with longer, healthier hair may engage in more frequent intimacy. This segment of “Psychology Behind the Headlines” hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Ryan Heapy discusses cultural beauty standards, the role of visual stimulation, and why a focus on hair alone might not tell the whole story about attraction and intimacy.

The Study’s Claim

South Korean researchers propose a connection between women’s hair length, its quality, and increased sexual activity in marriage.

Beyond Hair: Factors in Attraction

Communication, body type, and overall attractiveness likely play a larger role in sexual frequency than hair alone.

The Role of Visual Cues

Historically, men place higher value on visual stimulation. Ryan brings up the example of Fabio, famous for his long hair and romance novel covers. This highlights how physical attributes (beyond just hair) contribute to sexual attraction.

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