Lizzo Is Quitting After Facing Online Harassment

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Popstar Lizzo recently announced she’s “quitting” due to the relentless criticism she receives on social media. This news comes amid controversies of her own, as former dancers have accused her of creating a toxic workplace. On ‘Psychology Behind the Headlines’, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes and guest therapist Ryan Heapy discuss on the impact of online harassment on mental health.

Online Harassment Takes a Toll

Negative comments and cyberbullying can have a significant impact on anyone’s mental health, even celebrities. The constant barrage of criticism can be difficult to ignore, causing pain and distress.

Fame Comes at a Price

While being in the public eye has advantages, it also means facing increased scrutiny and being an easy target for online haters. Those in the spotlight often field criticism about their appearance, work, and personal choices.

The Power of Negativity

It’s human nature to focus on negative feedback, even when positive comments outnumber the bad. Criticism cuts deep, and it can be difficult to maintain perspective and gratitude when faced with online attacks.

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