Improve Your Relationships by Changing Your Inner Self-Talk

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In ‘Mental Breakthroughs’, host Jessica Reyes and guest expert life coach with a master’s of counseling Alisa Harp discuss insights on improving communication.

Know Your Value, Set Boundaries

If you don’t believe you’re deserving of respect, you’ll put up with mistreatment. Changing that inner voice empowers you to say “this isn’t okay” in your relationships.

“Who’s Talking?” – Uncover the Source

Are those negative thoughts yours, or echoes of someone critical from your past? Recognizing the source helps you separate their opinions from your own worth.

Practice Makes Perfect

Changing your self-talk is like going to the gym for your mind. It takes effort, but once you start speaking to yourself with kindness and respect, those skills will overflow into your relationships with others.

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Editorial Team
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