I Keep Procrastinating on My Finances – And It’s Costing Me!

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On ‘Life Quakes,’ hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes hears from a viewer whose procrastination caused them to lose money due to missed investment opportunities and unmanaged debt. The stress is piling up, and now they need help. Guest counselor Jahmaal Marshall breaks down procrastination and offers advice on how to take action.

Procrastination is Often Rooted in Fear

Deep down, procrastination is frequently about a fear of failure or rejection. It can even lead us to believe we’re in actual danger, causing us to freeze.

Get to the Root of the Problem

What’s your subconscious telling you? Journaling can help you figure out the source of your procrastination so you can address it.

Small Wins Lead to Big Changes

Start with small, achievable tasks to build your confidence and momentum for tackling the bigger financial decisions.

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