Accidental Viral Fame: How Do I Deal With Being a Meme?

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A viewer just wanted to go about his day, but one clumsy moment turned him into the internet’s latest meme. Now he’s facing a wave of unwanted attention. On ‘Life Quakes’ hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Ryan Heapy offers advice on helping him find a way to cope with unexpected viral fame.”

Seek Support

Dealing with unwanted viral fame can be super stressful. Reach out to a therapist for guidance or consider an attorney if the issue escalates.

Remember, This Will Pass

Internet trends come and go. Most likely, the next viral thing will replace your meme soon enough. Hang in there!

Protect Yourself

Consider what steps are available to reduce the spread of the meme. If legal options exist, it’s worth discussing them with an attorney.

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Editorial Team
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