Mental Health Takes Center Stage with New Channel

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The Mental Health Television Network (MHTN) launches as a dedicated 24/7 streaming service addressing the widespread need for mental health support. Its mission is to destigmatize mental health conversations through a mix of original programming, expert interviews, and mental health-related news. MHTN’s founders believe this unique niche could reach a mass audience.

The channel’s programming goes beyond news updates. Viewers can expect documentaries, scripted shows highlighting specific mental health issues, and expert panels discussing relevant topics. MHTN has ambitious plans for expansion, including distribution partnerships, out-of-home viewing in medical waiting rooms, and a directory of mental health professionals.

MHTN’s launch is timely, with growing recognition of the need for mental health resources. The network is partnering with nonprofits like the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation to amplify its reach and make a positive impact.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
At the heart of MHTN - America's pioneering 24/7 Mental Health TV Network - is our editorial team, a dynamic group of professionals united by a shared commitment to transforming the conversation around mental health. Our team is composed of seasoned journalists, mental health experts, researchers, and storytellers, each bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for advocacy.


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