Mental Health Television Network (MHTN) is proud to announce the premiere of its groundbreaking new series, “Inside the Casket: Cherishing Life,” a unique and thought-provoking exploration of life, loss, and the power of resilience.















Please read this disclaimer carefully before proceeding with the at-home version of the "Inside the Casket: Cherishing Life" experience: arrow faq

Simulation Only: This at-home experience is a simulation designed to replicate aspects of the guided, in-person event. It does not fully replicate the physical and emotional intensity of the actual "Inside the Casket" experience.

Emotional Impact: The video content and self-reflection exercises can evoke strong emotions. If you have a history of mental health concerns or are feeling emotionally vulnerable, please consider seeking guidance from a mental health professional before participating. No Professional Guidance: This at-home experience is not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling. If you require support, please reach out to a qualified mental health provider.

Individual Responsibility: You are solely responsible for your well-being during and after this experience. MHTN and its affiliates are not liable for any emotional or psychological distress that may arise. Personal Choice: Participation is voluntary. You may stop the experience at any time if you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

By proceeding, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and agree to participate in the at-home "Inside the Casket: Cherishing Life" experience at your own risk.

By completing and submitting your Eulogy and "What Ifs" reflections, you will receive a copy of your responses via email for your personal records. You also grant MHTN permission to potentially share your responses (anonymously or with your first name only) on-air, on our website, or in other promotional materials related to the "Cherishing Life" project. Your powerful words may inspire others to embrace the preciousness of life and take action towards their dreams.

Watch The Video They Saw Inside The Casket

Step #1

What you Need:

A quiet, dimly lit space
A comfortable surface to lie down on (yoga mat, blanket, bed)
A device to watch videos (laptop, tablet, phone)
Pen and paper (or a journaling app)


Set the Mood: Choose a space where you won’t be disturbed. Dim or turn off the lights
Lie Down and Reflect: Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.
Watch the Video:
Focus on the message of the video and allow yourself to feel the emotions it brings up.

Important Note: This home version is a simulation. The full impact of the “Inside the Casket” experience comes from the physicality of being in an enclosed space and the guided environment of the event. However, this home version can still be a valuable tool for self-reflection and creating positive change in your life.

Step #2

After You Watch the “Inside the Casket” Video:

Reflecting on Your Legacy: The Eulogy Exercise

The casket is a powerful reminder of life’s fleeting nature. Now, take a moment to envision your own life story, the legacy you’ll leave behind. Imagine the words that will be spoken at your farewell, the impact you’ll have made on others, and the values you embodied.

Writing Prompt:

Crafting Your Eulogy: Write your own eulogy from the perspective of a loved one. In their voice, what would you want them to say about your life, your passions, your relationships, and your contributions to the world? Don’t focus on perfection; write from the heart. Allow this to be a reflection of who you are today and an inspiration for who you aspire to become.

This exercise is designed to help you crystallize your values, aspirations, and the legacy you want to leave behind. By imagining your own eulogy, you can begin to shape the narrative of your life and live each day with greater intention and purpose.

Step #3

The Casket Experience serves as a profound reminder that life is too precious to be filled with regrets and “what ifs.” As you step out of the casket, envision the life you want to live, a life where you’ve seized every opportunity, faced your fears, and embraced your passions.

Writing Prompt:

Banishing “What Ifs”: On a blank page, write down a list of the “what ifs” that haunt you. Then, for each “what if,” create an action plan – a step-by-step guide on how you can turn that “what if” into reality. Be specific and set realistic goals. How can you start living without regrets and making those “what ifs” a thing of the past?

By actively addressing your “what ifs,” you empower yourself to create a life of fulfillment, free from the burden of unrealized dreams and missed opportunities.


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