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Today’s inspirational quote from Lao Tzu serves as a powerful reminder that our relationship with time is largely subjective and governed by our priorities and decisions. Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes might say that this quote inspires us to take a deeper look at how we allocate our time daily. Here are three quick takeaways from Lao Tzu’s wisdom:


Recognize that when we say we don’t have time, we’re often making a choice about our priorities. It’s essential to be mindful of what we’re choosing to prioritize and why.


This quote encourages us to be proactive with our time. Instead of letting circumstances dictate our schedule, we should actively create the time for what truly matters to us.


We’re reminded to take responsibility for our time. Blaming the lack of time is a passive approach; taking control of our time is empowering and allows us to shape our lives more effectively.

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Editorial Team
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