Kristen Welker: A Powerful Voice for Surrogacy and Motherhood

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On “Psychology Behind the Headlines,’ hosts Patricia Wu , Jessica Reyes , and guest Dr. Jenine Lowery, licensed professional counselor and the founder and director of Black Female Therapist, discuss the journey of Kristen Welker, Meet the Press moderator, as she and her husband eagerly await the arrival of their second child through surrogacy.

Kristen Welker’s inspiring story

Witness the Meet the Press moderator’s journey to motherhood through surrogacy, highlighting the importance of open conversations and support.

Normalizing diverse paths to parenthood

Explore the evolving definition of motherhood and the significance of embracing various options like surrogacy.

Reducing stigma and promoting inclusivity

Understand the power of personal stories in breaking down barriers and creating a more welcoming environment for all women.

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